What is so bad about sugar that we need a substitute?

Posted by Charbel Dow on Sep 20, 2020


Wondering Which sweetener or sugar substitute would suit your healthy lifestyle best?

Sugar is used as a sweetener, a preservative agent, a viscosity-enhancing agent, and so on, in foods and drinks.

Its consumption has been linked with health risks and side effects, while “Sugar Substitutes are encouraged instead!

Here is to break down the facts behind white sugar and its substitutes, WHY and HOW are they better!

White sugar is obtained from Cane or beets by extracting the sweet juice, processing then crystalizing it.

Through the process of obtaining white sugar crystals, the naturally-occurring molasses is lost and chemicals are added such as Sulphur dioxide, Polyacrylamides, calcium hydroxide; and the list of complicated words goes on. These compounds denature sugar and their increased consumption is linked to dangers and side...

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